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“Get rid of expectations – You don’t need expectations if you do what you love, put forth your best effort, and consistently make progress.”

It isn’t about the destination, it’s about the ride!

It isn’t about the destination, it’s about the ride!

Meditate – Listen to your own mind to gain deep understanding of your own thoughts, beliefs, and desires. Stay focused on that and stop giving a fuck about everything else that doesn’t matter.

Gain insight into your insecurities – Don’t ignore them.

Get the fuck out of your comfort zone – Face your fears. You will notice that each successive attempt at facing your fear is met with less and less anxiety.

Realize your insignificance – The universe is infinite in time and space. You are a coincidence.

Go with the flow – Let things happen and don’t stand in the way of what is inevitable.

Focus on what is important – There are some things that matter more than others. Spend more time on the things that do matter.

Be confident – Know that no one else has the same experiences or genes as you. You have unique gifts. They just need to be discovered and expressed.

Make failure less stressful – When failure becomes fun or inconsequential, you won’t hesitate.

Get motivated – It takes courage to do something you’ve never done before. Listen to music, drink some caffeine, or do whatever it takes to get your mind in the right place.

Visualize success – When you have a clear vision to move towards, everything outside that vision becomes less important.

Be grateful – Your existence itself is due to chance and billions of years of evolution. There were many other sperm that could have entered that egg.

Stop thinking about what could have been, when you have been the beneficiary of an infinite number of coincidences.

Remember you will die – Death is a nice reminder that you shouldn’t spare any moment. Although I don’t recommend it, you could try having a near death experience and see for yourself.

Understand that fear is a neurotransmitter – It is always perceived as being more detrimental than it really is.

Re-frame the situation – Turn negative situations into positive situations. For example, a divorce could be viewed as an opportunity to find someone better. It also prevents more time and money being wasted on an incompatible partner.

Get rid of expectations – You don’t need expectations if you do what you love, put forth your best effort, and consistently make progress.

Be in “flow” – If you set the bar too low, you will be content with mediocrity. If you set the bar too high, motivation decreases as the goal seems too unrealistic. Always challenge yourself slightly more than you are comfortable with. In this case, failure only results in a learning experience, and success allows you to challenge yourself a little harder. Gradual improvement is inevitable.

Have a mantra – Constantly remind yourself to stay on course. For example, you could tell yourself “Just do it” or “Fuck it” to ease your nerves before attempting to do something you are afraid of.

Use reward and punishment -Use rewards as an incentive for good behavior. And remember, punishment only works if you actually go through with it. You could try something as simple as snapping your wrist with a rubber band or handing over a stack of cash to a friend if you fail.

Accept that you have no control over many things -You don’t control your death or the fact that not everyone loves you. Don’t waste your time and energy on things beyond your control.

Don’t be afraid – You will regret it in the distant future when you realized you were a slave to your own fear.

Live in the moment – The past is a memory that is gone and the future is an expectation that may never come. The only moment to be truly experienced and enjoyed is the present.

Failure isn’t so bad – It is a learning tool that forces you to adapt and improve. It is also a way to get rid of the people who really didn’t want to succeed as badly as the people who want it more.

Know what you want – Each person defines what is important for themselves. If you play video games or watch TV, then maybe what you want isn’t that important at the time. If it’s something you truly want, you wouldn’t be focused on anything else.

Start acting – Thinking is the first step, but any moron can think. Actually doing what you were meant to do and constantly improving despite setbacks is what will separate you from the rest of the mediocre clowns out there.

Practice – It isn’t easy. It may be a chore at first, but once you start realizing the tangible benefits that come with this powerful philosophy, you will permanently make it a part of your life.

Benefits to self improvement:

  • Less worry – This is self-evidently a good thing. Most concerns are of a frivolous nature anyway. Worrying about things outside your control is wasted energy that could have been spent on more productive things.
  • Sometimes expectations are set too high – These unrealistic expectations lead to stress, even when progress has been made towards the goal. Slight progress is still a positive step forward. Goals are not necessary if continual progress is made. If the absolute best effort is given, it is unreasonable to expect a better outcome than what actually happened. Goals limit your potential if set too low, or reduce motivation if set too high. If you really enjoy what you are doing, the motivation to achieve greatness is independent of failure or reward. The motivation comes from the perpetual actualization of your best self, the person you had always expected to be.
  • Does not necessarily lead to complacency – There are some who overindulge in mindless behavior, and they are the people who should probably give a lot more fucks. But for those who really have a strong urge to accomplish or do something, not giving a fuck results in focused energy on the things that do matter. More time for what you are really passionate about is good for both mental health and for attaining a higher level of skill and knowledge in whatever you are doing.
  • A greater capacity for perseverance – The obstacles of working towards a goal include failure and not receiving the extrinsic rewards one had hoped for. If you follow your own intuition, this drive naturally pushes you over the hurdles and plateaus.
  • You will be more positive – Not giving a fuck about negativity results in more focus towards anything else that puts you in a better mindset. This can mean leaving behind subpar humans and places, as you automatically focus on better people and opportunities.
  • You will learn a lot about yourself – When not giving a fuck results in going beyond your comfort zone, it forces self-awareness in order to best adapt to the new situation. You will try new things, have new experiences, expand your consciousness, and your personality will grow.
  • It is exciting – You will try new things without fearing the worst. Not giving a fuck by putting yourself in unfamiliar territory and coming out of it with positive results will make you want to experiment with going out of your comfort zone more often. When you put yourself in these unique situations, the only thing that can result is a completely new set of circumstances from which your life must now proceed. These new opportunities would never have presented themselves had you stayed in your boring, comfortable bubble.
  • You won’t have any regrets – Fear does not hinder you.
  • You will have more confidence – When you are not worried about what others are thinking of you, your insecurities will vanish. Being different or unique is what distinguishes you from the masses and should be something to be proud of. When you love who you are, you won’t care about the meaningless opinions of others.
  • You won’t fear rejection – You will go after what you want, even when told no. The more you are able to accept rejection and continue trying, the more likely you will succeed in acquiring what you want.
  • People will like you more – You will have a more authentic personality, as it will conform to who you really are. You will speak honestly and express who you are. Those who think similarly will naturally gravitate towards you, while those who disagree will fade away.
  • You will save time –  You will get to the point quickly in your interactions with others. There is no misunderstanding when you are very straightforward and say what you mean without ambiguity. You will get your answer with a quick yes/no, rather than a maybe.
  • You will take control of your life – You won’t care to make excuses for yourself. You won’t waste time on inconsequential worries, and you will focus more on the important things that can improve your life.

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