I am appearing on Animal Planet tonight!

Trent Goodbaudy (I) will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Rugged Justice (Season 2 Episode 4): “Wrath of God” Where I am arrested for not providing a birthdate. It is especially funny when I ask the officer if he remembers the day that he was born and what was the first thing he saw when he “came out” of the vagina. Visit this page to see the episode (after September 28th, 2015) and my 2-hour interview from shortly after the arrest. Keep reading to find out more about what happened, and please visit my crowdfunding page if you wish to offer your much appreciated support.

I am appearing on Rugged Justice Season 2 Episode 4: Wrath of God" tonight! September 27th 2015.

I am appearing on Rugged Justice Season 2 Episode 4: Wrath of God” tonight! September 27th 2015. Click to enlarge image.

This is what the van looked like when i recovered it. They were just material possessions and are replaceable though so it’s ok. I know many people that would be devastated and even turn to violence over loss of a material possession.

Allow me to introduce myself; I am a man of God and i have been sent on a very special mission. The best way to keep up to date with me is to look at my facebook page at –  https://www.facebook.com/trent.goodbaudy

Also check out this interview:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVTyiolWfrc 

Let me tell you what happened: Thursday night (June 11, 2015) I met someone who said that they were a Christian and they loved God from an online dating site who seemed really interested to meet me. So, after talking to her for much of the evening; the next morning I drove over 150 miles from near Spokane, Washington to Richland, Washington to meet her.

On the trip there I started experiencing an overheating problem which I suspect was the thermostat because of how the van was acting. I also had an anticipation that God would call me to be tested this day and it would not be an easy ordeal, and I spent the greater portion of the morning praying about it. Anyway, with only minor mechanical issues I made it to my destination to meet a demon.

As soon as I met her I could feel a negativity that could not be felt through the telephone or text message. She had me convinced to come meet her, and until I met her, she said all the right words and even expressing a special fondness for my little dog “Patches”. An animal lover couldn’t be evil, could they? She was living in a domestic violence shelter and I don’t know why I wasn’t paying attention to the clues, but I let her in my van and we drove off to get some lunch and then to a nice shady spot at the Finley boat launch where the Snake and Columbia rivers merge together. I noticed the NO PARKING TOW AWAY ZONE sign but did not pay much attention as I parked right next to it because it was the only shady spot. I began eating my sandwich and a bronze colored truck that turned out to be a Washington State Fish and Wildlife enforcement truck entered the boat launch area parking lot entrance from the highway and I activated my keychain video recording device.

As he slowly passed me he craned his neck to look back at my license plate. He circled the parking lot and came back and parked his truck in the NO PARKING TOW AWAY ZONE directly behind my van which displays church issue Clergy plates not issued by any secular authority. I noticed at that time that there was more than just the officer in the extended cab truck… as they exited the truck I realized that they were a film crew.

The officer approached my window which was already all the way down because of the heat of the day. He asked me if I knew that I was in a NO PARKING TOW AWAY ZONE, and I replied that I hadn’t really thought about it. He then asked me for a driver’s license, and I handed him my clergy certification which plainly states “Birthdate: N/A Unknown”. After I read the card to him and handed it to him; he looks at it and asks what my “birthdate” is. I reply that as a minister of a non-denominational, non-incorporated, “state-free” church; it is against my faith to identify with any secular numbers, names, licenses, registrations, or other information. And I also asked him if he could actually remember his birthdate and that as a newborn infant it is impossible to remember the date of your birth. It is all just hearsay because it is not something that you could possibly remember, because you did not have the faculties to do so. He then takes the identification card back to his truck for about 20 minutes or so. All the while there are cameramen and people holding microphone booms actively doing their jobs.

The game warden then comes back to my car and asks for my birthdate again, and then noticeably inspects my VIN number on the front of the vehicle and calls it into the radio dispatcher. He then says that he has called a supervisor, and I remark that that is helpful of him to call the supervisor before I needed to ask him to. He then returns to his car to run what information he can and to likely offer a narrative to the camera crew.

After another 20 to 30 minutes during which I am frantically dialing numbers of the church and its members that I have in my phone, I finally get a hold of someone that was willing to stay on the phone and help me navigate the situation. Then another bronze colored Washington State Fish and Wildlife enforcement truck arrives with a sergeant and even more film crew people. The first arriving officer and the newly arrived sergeant have a little conference together with the film crew.

After talking a few minutes, they all then converge on the van and while the film crew was careful to keep a safe distance, the first officer and his supervisor both approach my window again. As the sergeant approaches I ask him if he is a peace officer from the state. He responds that he is, and I ask him what the problem is if I am being detained, or if I am free to go. He states that I am not under arrest yet, but that I am being detained. And I ask him if I have damaged property or harmed someone, he responds no. But then the first officer asks for my “birth” date again and I respond that it is against my faith and for him to convert my right to remain silent and my right against self-incrimination is being converted into a crime. And he tells me that I am “obstructing” him and I ask him exactly what I am obstructing? To which he responds “his duty”. Then I offer that he is likely just trying to generate revenue, and again that I had not damaged any property or harmed anyone, and I doubt that God would make a NO PARKING TOW AWAY ZONE sign so it must only apply to secular entities.

He did not like that comment and does a little eye communication with the supervisor that it was time, and then he says “ok, I gave you plenty of chances.. now step out of the vehicle. I then ask him if he is a man of God, and he responds “yes”.

Then I say good; because I made a vow with my lord that wherever I get “stranded” is the community which I will begin my ministry.

I open the door and step out of the van, and he asks me to face the van and put my hands behind my back, I tell him that I will do what the man with the gun says to do.

They place handcuffs on me and then they take me to the back of their truck and ask me if I have any weapons on me before he searches me and I tell him that I am a peaceful minister, I do not carry weapons.

He then proceeded to search me, and he found 3 single Federal Reserve notes in my pocket, a pair of ankle socks, and a Bic lighter. He then tells me that he smelled marijuana in the van and then proceeded to tell me that although technically it is “legal” in Washington state, the parks are considered federal areas and it is not allowed. He told me this in a way like he was giving me advice… but not planning on charging me with a weed related offence.

He then told me that he was going to place those few property items back in the van. At that point I told him that I had just met the passenger and that I am not sure that I trust her. He then asked me if I could get a hold of anyone that could move the van out of the NO PARKING TOW AWAY ZONE for me so that he did not have to tow it.

I told him that I had some friends that live near Davenport (150+ miles away) and he told me that he was not going to wait that long. Then I suggested that the passenger might know someone that could move the car, and they went to her and asked her if she could find a “licensed driver” to move the car and she got on the phone. I guess she did not have a license to drive either.

At this point the arresting officer is in the cab of the truck that I am in the back of handcuffed, while the supervisor is with my passenger. I see some things on his computer screen like an old booking photo of me from Clatsop County in 2012, and some other smaller text that I couldn’t quite make out. The radio crackles to life and says “VIN returns a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager, registration expired in October, 2014.” He then asked me if that is when I acquired the vehicle and I told him “No, I acquired it in March when my state identification expired.” And that was the last we talked about vehicle registrations.

He then asked me “So… you don’t believe in “laws” or what?” and I told him that the Bible is my authority on law matters, you know… the Ten Commandments? The golden rule?” This ended the discussion on that topic as well.

Then he asked about my dogs, and I told him that they were my family, and that they meant the world to me. Then I told him the story of how I found “Poopers” (the tan colored one) in the woods over 10 years ago and she was all skin-and-bones, very stinky and dirty and although I didn’t know it at the time; pregnant as well. And then I told him about “Patches” (the black and white one and also one of Poopers puppies). I told him that I really didn’t want another dog, but when Patches was a puppy she used to find a way out of what I thought was an impossible escape pen for the puppies to come cuddle with me every night. She won me over, I told him.

My two little faithful companions, "Poopers" and "Patches".

My two little faithful companions, “Poopers” and “Patches”.

At this point I see someone bringing the camera man a new battery, and the camera man… I assume he was a senior film crew member says to the guy who brings the battery “next time run!” like he was screaming but whispering at the same time. The camera crew had gotten closer to me by now, as I assume that they presumed that I was less of a threat now that I was in the back of the police truck in handcuffs. I smile at them and ask if they are filming for an episode of “COPS” or something, and they tell me that they are actually filming for an Animal Planet show called “Rugged Justice” and there had been a first season the beginning of this year and they were now filming the second season. Then I asked him “I bet you didn’t expect THIS did you??” and the camera guy and the sound boom guy both get large smiles and say “No, we didn’t.”

They then say that they would like me to talk about some things I mentioned earlier; like what did I mean when I said that I would choose this community to found my ministry if I got stranded here and I told them more about that and other topics, like why I said I knew this was going to happen… I told them that the lord told me that I would be tested today, and I have been praying all morning about it. Knowing that it would be a tribulation but following the path none the less. I continued talking to them about several topics, like why the “light” is significant and I took a line from one of my books and said that enlightenment is not about bliss, it is more like someone turning on the lights and now you can see the feces and filth smeared on the walls. I saw an interested look on both the camera guy and the sound guy at that point which is about the time that the “driver” got on the scene. From the back of the police truck I see a guy get into my van behind the wheel and the brake lights light up. That was the last time I would see most of my earthly possessions, including my laptop, tablet, phone, wallet, money, minerals, camping gear, clothes, tools, and basically my entire collection of earthly possessions. Also still in the van were the most valuable little influences in my life, my dogs, who depend on me and actually could not live without me. And this started to tear me up.

These are the “citations” I found in my property when I got out of jail.

This is the paper I was handed after they forced me to go to court, they would not allow me to speak in court even though I told them I would be presenting myself. They wanted to leave me in jail for a $500 ransom until July 8th.

Please help me. all of my worldly possessions were taken.

I am still recording the events, check back soon for more!


Please visit my crowdfunding page if you wish to offer your much appreciated support.

In the meantime listen to this!



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