Rugged Justice Season 2 Episode 4: “The Wrath of God”

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Animal Planet's Rugged Justice S2E4: Wrath of God

Animal Planet’s Rugged Justice S2E4: Wrath of God

I will be on the September 27th episode of “Rugged Justice”, it’s funny too, because everyone BUT ME was being paid to be there that day. Here is the episode summary:
World Premiere Sunday, September 27, at 8 PM (ET/PT)

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife police responds to a victim of a boating accident. Officers face a suspect with a dangerous past and arrest a man who refuses to follow state laws. Later, an officer assists a trapped deer and an injured owl.

Above is a 2 hour long interview that I did with Jack McCaig of Evolvequest and telling my story of my arrest and unlawful imprisonment by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife enforcement for a parking violation (when I wasn’t even “parked”) and for failing to provide a “birthdate” all with a film crew present from Animal Planet filming an episode of “Rugged Justice”. The episode starring myself should air next season (season 2) on Rugged Justice on Animal Planet.

The officer converted my right to remain silent into a crime, he also infringed on my right against self incrimination.

I also was robbed of all my worldly possessions by someone that I did not trust. Please consider helping me replace my clothes and other items by donating here –

Thank you for joining me today and taking the time to listen to this interview.

Please look at the following page if you are interested in helping to fund my fellowship, and if you would like to join my fellowship for free, just visit

I am literally having to start over as far as clothes, camping gear, video equipment, food, phone, toothbrush (why would she steal my toothbrush, flossers, deodorant, soap,
laundry detergent, even my toilet paper is beyond me… maybe she needed them more than I did). I still need to get a new key for my car, and it will likely need repairs soon if it doesn’t already.

But the worst part is all the little memory cards and other little storage devices like my laptop that had all my pictures and videos that I had not uploaded yet.
It also had files from all my clients and legal documents that were not replaceable and I am going to have to just accept that they are gone at some point.

If you live in the Tri-Cities area and want to help me locate my laptop at a pawn shop there , I would love some help like that too if I could get it. Use the funding page to contact me if this is the case.

If you have a car, rv, land, or other non-monetary donation that you would like to give, I promise to you that will appreciate it, value it, and share it.

I was able to get a new laptop already that is better than the one that was stolen I believe because the lord wanted me to hurry up and get back to work.

I promise to continue doing the lord’s work and to live in his kingdom here on earth. If you are still on the fence about donating, try to think of all the money that the
government has taken from you over the years…

Don’t you want it to end?
or would you prefer to hand this government down to your children to inherit?

We are changing things NOW!

If you cannot take part in it, please consider offering what you can to support us… could be as simple as a kind word or a share on facebook.

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Thank you, God bless you, and look at
for more information about becoming free. It was taken down by hackers recently, but I am rebuilding it.

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