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quote-the-problem-after-a-war-is-the-victor-he-thinks-he-has-just-proved-that-war-and-violence-pay-who-a-j-muste-255160(Excerpt from my free bookActing With Honor and As King“)

You already know this material in this book. It is knowledge that everyone is born with.

There is a problem however, and this problem is that it really has nothing to do with anyone but you. No one can change you BUT you. Don’t worry about anyone else. This book is all about you, and claiming your true power as your own king in your life. Don’t lose focus of the goal. This book is not about anyone else or any other exterior problems you may be having while you read this book.

Take a break from them for now, and allow your troubles the chance to work themselves out after you have done the inner work you need to do for yourself.

In times long past and sometimes even today the title master was retained and used for boys or young men.

Why do you think this is? Is it because as a child, your thoughts and actions are more pure and uncorrupted by the world around you? Maybe it is because children ask lots of questions. Or perhaps, just living in this world for a period of time is what corrupts the souls of men. No matter what happened, it is time to once again look at the world as a child without all the preconceived notions that are held by adults.

A child is inquisitive, and is looking for answers. They inquire about everything. Let this be your first clue, to be successful in not only interaction with agents of government, but in just about every aspect of your life.

The secret is to inquire.

But what happens as you grow older? You start becoming more self-conscious and start caring about what other people think about you. You want to sound smart, so you slow down or stop asking questions completely and just act like you know the answers. This is where the problem begins: with belief.

Belief is a problem because it allows a concept take hold in the mind that is usually accepted without real investigation. If no one was gullible and everyone challenged every belief that didn’t have merit, people would be tricked much less and I think the world would be a beautiful place if this mixed with individual responsibility and morality (which is simply knowing the difference between right and wrong).

Have you ever met someone that knows everything? Or thinks that they do, but when you present a new idea they will say they already knew that? Or maybe not tell you, or ask any questions if they don’t know something? Or act like they already knew something when you expand their knowledge with a new tid-bit?

This person is done asking questions. They have inhibited their own expansion of knowledge because they don’t want look or sound stupid. Sounds really contradictory doesn’t it?

These people might think that it is better to act stupid, instead of just sounding stupid.

This is just how the human mind works, to overcome it and defeat it you only have to recognize it and work to be more open.

People are lost when it comes to dealing with court and police, and I believe it is just because they don’t know what to do; and people would know what to do, if only they knew who they are.

People don’t want to learn what to do about these situations, or ever challenge the presumed authority of these agents because they carry weapons and they take people’s freedom away. Sometimes they even seriously injure or kill people. You don’t want to tell them that they are wrong.

A smart person will learn from what they do wrong, it is called gaining experience. You don’t learn anything by never trying, so trying is how you actually learn. Why do you do the same thing every day? Why does everything seem so structured?

Ask questions, and be open to interaction with others, and keep an open mind. You could wake up one day and realize everything you have been told is a lie.

You were born free… right?

Do you still feel as free as the day you were born? I guess you probably can’t remember the day you were born, but what has happened to your freedom since? Is it external sources that are preventing you from being free, or is it your own mind? What is really preventing you from being as free as you would like to be right now?

Freedom from Government: "Acting With Honor and As King"

Freedom from Government: “Acting With Honor and As King”

Is it the corrupt courts? The police? Your job? Your spouse? Your kids? The guy on the freeway on-ramp with a sign that is asking for spare change? Stupid drivers? Stupid people? Or maybe it is the fact that you are looking for someone or something to blame. You have nothing and no one to blame at all, and once you realize this and actually stop blaming external things that are out of your control, you will move forward.

There is no blame needed. All that is needed is determination, persistence and an open mind.

When you are in court, and you answer their questions with statements, you are actually testifying against yourself. So in that case, who would be committing the fraud? The court? The court is just asking questions. You are the one making the statements. If they ask you a question and you answer it, what does that make you?

Have you ever heard the saying: “the master asks the questions and the servant answers them”? The minute you answer that question, you have just given them jurisdiction.

You are the one that testifies against yourself. You are the one committing fraud. Ignorance is no excuse, now that you have been informed.

What happens if you don’t testify against yourself? My guess is that they would have to let you go.

I hope that you enjoyed this sample chapter of my free bookActing With Honor and As King“.

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